Translation in Motion at the London Book Fair
Literary Translation Centre, the London Book Fair

Translation in Motion at the London Book Fair 

The session will explore the ways in which we can intensify the flow of translated literature through international mobility and professional development. The participants will discuss the benefits and challenges of translation workshops and residencies for literary translators, as well as residency exchanges for writers and translators.

The participants will also celebrate the outcomes, including a mapping of residency opportunities in Europe and the publication of more literature in translation from lesser translated languages. They will look at two projects as case studies.

Translation in Motion is a programme to intensify translation flows between the Western Balkans and EU member states, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and led by RECIT (Réseau Européen des Centres Internationaux de Traducteurs littéraires), the European network of literary translation residencies.


Yana Genova, Director, Next Page Foundation

Yana Genova is a cultural manager, consultant and researcher. She is the founder and director of Next Page Foundation, a non-governmental organization dedicated to supporting international literary communication from and into 'peripheral' languages. Yana is currently the president of the Board of RECIT.

Vladimir Jankovski, Editor, Goten Publishing

Vladimir Jankovski (1977) has graduated General and Comparative literature at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje. He worked as an editor in several publishing houses and ас cultural worker. He has published 3 novels: 'Hidden Desires, Restless Travels' (2020), 'Invisible Loves' (2015), and 'Eternal Present Time' (2010); 2 books of photo-essays in collaboration with the photographer Ivan Blazhev: 'Faces of the Invisible Cities' (2010) and 'Skopje with Eyes Wide Open' (2008). For the novel 'Hidden Desires, Unrest Travels' he was awarded with the 'Novel of the Year award' and for 'Invisible Loves' he was awarded with 'Racinovo Priznanie award' for the best prose book. 'Hidden Desires, Restless Travels' was nominee of Republic of North Macedonia for EUPL. He is active in the field of literary translations.

Alexandra Büchler, Director, Literature Across Frontiers

Alexandra Büchler is Director of Literature Across Frontiers (LAF), the European Platform for Literary Exchange, Translation and Policy Debate, based in Wales, United Kingdom. A literary curator, translator and editor, she has initiated a number of international literary projects and collaborations, and published over twenty-five titles, including prose and poetry, anthologies of short fiction and books on modern art and architecture. Among her latest publications are anthologies of emerging European writers, Zero Hours on the Boulevard: Tales of Independence and Belonging (2018) and Ulysses’ Cat (2022), both resulting from multi-year cooperation projects co-financed by Creative Europe.

Will Firth, Freelance Translator

Will Firth was born in 1965 in Newcastle, Australia. He studied German and Slavic languages in Canberra, Zagreb and Moscow. He lives in Berlin, where he works as a translator of literature and the humanities (from Russian, Macedonian and all variants of Serbo-Croatian, aka 'BCMS'). His best-received translations of recent years have been Aleksandar Gatalica’s The Great War, Faruk Šehić’s Quiet Flows the Una and Tatjana Gromača’s Divine Child.

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