Втора сесия на Международната Академия за литературен мениджмънт и промоция на превода
Дурас и Шкодра, Албания
18.05.2023 - 22.05.2023

Международна Академия за литературен мениджмънт и промоция на превода
Втора сесия: 18 - 22 май 2023 | Дурас и Шкодра, Албания

След първата сесия в Струга, Северна Македония през май 2022 г., Международната академия за литературен мениджмънт и промоция на превода продължава с втора 5-дневна сесия в Дурас и Шкодра, Албания.

Между 18 и 22 май 2023 г. събираме същите 30 участника, за да продължим програмата от презентации, панелни дискусии и работилници по теми, свързани с развитието на публики, дигитален маркетинг и начини за финансиране. Като част от програмата, участниците също ще се срещнат и общуват с местни албански културни и литературни организации. 

Официален език: Английски

СЕСИЯ 2: ДУРАС И ШКОРДА | 18 - 22 май 2023, Албания
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Програмата на Международната Академия за литературен мениджмънт и промотиране на превода в Дурас и Шкодра през 2023 е достъпна тук (на английски език). 


Agata Etmanowicz
For the past 10 years, together with Impact Foundation, Agata Etmanowicz supports culture organizations in placing audiences in the heart of everything they do by spreading the joy of working according to audience development philosophy. Agata’s specialty is ‘connecting the dots’ - she asks a lot of questions and encourages others to ask questions. She designs and conducts not only workshops, but also processes and programs for professionals in the cultural sector - industry-specific, cross-industry and for specific organizations.

Aneida Bajraktari Bicja
Aneida Bajraktari Bicja is the founder and managing partner of Balkans Capital - a financial consulting company based in Tirana that helps companies in Albania and the US Market unleash the transformative power of their finances. Aneida has also ​​established the Startup Albania Foundation with the vision to boost innovation and entrepreneurial skills of youth in the country. She has organized numerous events with the desire to aid the development of the local entrepreneurial system. Her entrepreneurial spirit and pursuits not only engage and inspire but have also contributed to fostering innovation in Albania.

Diana Walters
Diana Walters is a facilitator, researcher, writer and practitioner in the fields of arts, culture, heritage, community and peace building. She has worked in over 30 countries, including many in the Balkan region, supporting change and growth through culture and democracy. She holds a PhD from Newcastle University, UK and is a Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Exeter.

Vassilena Valchanova
Vassilena Valchanova is a content marketing strategist and brand messaging expert. She has more than 15 years of experience in marketing strategy and customer research, content marketing planning, brand positioning, and conversion copywriting. She also works with B2B services agencies and individual consultants who want to step up their personal branding. Vassy is passionate about sharing what she knows: she authors a blog on marketing strategy, content, and messaging, speaks at events, has a video-on-demand course, and offers custom training and workshops.

Yana Genova
Yana Genova is director of the Next Page Foundation - an international NGO active in fostering intercultural dialogue, literary translations and independent publishing. She is founder of the Sofia Literature and Translation House, co-founder of the educational online platform for children www.knigovishte.bg, and president of the European network RECIT. Genova has experience in multipartner cultural cooperation projects at European level and in the neighborhood countries. Consultant and researcher in cultural management and cultural policies, particularly in book and literature. Co-author - with Georgi Gospodinov - of ‘Inventory Book of Socialism’ (Prosveta, 2006), author of articles and research studies on cultural policies and of the ‘Diversity Report’ series, together with Rüdiger Wischenbart and Miha Kovać.

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Международната Академия за литературен мениджмънт и промотиране на превода е част от проекта Ускорител за балкански преводи / Balkan Translations Collider и цели да изследва начини за преодоляване на дисбаланса в потока на художествения превод в Европа.

Снимки от първата сесия на Международната Академия за литературен мениджмънт и промоция на превода | Струга, Северна Македония 2022

Видео от първата сесия на Международна Академия за литературен мениджмънт и промоция на превода | Струга, Северна Македония 2022

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