What Arabs Read
What Arabs Read is a readership survey conducted in 2007. The readership survey represents the first empirical data made publicly available on the topic of readership in the Arab world and thus represents a vital tool for publishers, researchers, institutions, policy-makers and donors.

Readership was identified and measured in terms of reading habits and attitudes, accessibility, languages, channels, pricing and purchase behavior amongst adult, literate Arabs. The resulting data was compiled and analysed both on a national and regional bases.

Readership survey objectives:

Coverage and Orientation

The survey was implemented in two phases and covered 9 countries in total: Sampling

The survey was carried out on a sample size of 1,000 persons per country, aiming at a representative representation of the entire literate population in each country. Sampling methods were based on a face-to-face quantitative methodology using a Stratified Random Sampling methodology guided by the use of PSU’s (Primary Sampling Units).

What Arab Reads: Reports and Expert Commentaries

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