Books Across Borders Platform 2003 - 2008
01.01.2000 - 31.12.2008

Books across Borders is a large multinational, multipartners’ platform initiated in the year 2000 by the National Library of Serbia, the Next Page Foundation and Fund for Central and East European Book Projects – Amsterdam (CEEBP), and implemented locally by a multitude of partner organizations and supporters

Books across Borders is introduced in the context of the collapse of Yugoslavia and subsequent wars that had a direct effect on publishing and book trade – destruction of the shared intellectual space, disintegration of the common book market, considerable damage to the cultural infrastructure (distribution, bookshops, libraries, educational system).

The main project objectives are to:

Books across Borders is based on grass-root initiatives by publishers and distributors and professional associations and:

Books across Borders platform is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs MATRA Programme, Open Society Institute – Budapest, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, Fund for an Open Society-Serbia, Fund for Central and East European Book Projects, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Montenegro, as well as by local beneficiaries and participants in the project.

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