The Arabooks Initiative

In 2005 Next Page Foundation began tackling fundamental problems and deficits in Arab publishing that were identified and described in the Lost and Found in Translation Report

Based on this report, a year of pilot work and input from many organizations, publishers, cultural institutions and the program’s advisory commitee, Next Page launched projects in the areas of:

Comissioned and executed in 2005, the report is still an usefull source for anyone interested in book publishing and translations into Arabic. It provides a comprehensive, historical and current overview of translation activities, policies and players in the Arab world. The Lost and Found in Translation report in PDF is available here. 

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24.09.2021 - 03.10.2021
Есенно студио по литературен превод 2021 Работилници за литературен превод, лекции, практически м...
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03.08.2021 19:00
За превода на пиеси: Tри жени в портокаловите градини Дискусия с участието на Пеги Аман, Виолета Тр...
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09.07.2021 19:00
Back to back / Face to face Литературно четене с български автори и техните преводачи на английски...
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03.07.2021 03:00
Online Reading from the Phren-Z Zoom Forward Series with Eireene Nealand, Bistra Velichkova, Auro...
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03.07.2021 20:30
Existentialism French film night: Marguerite Duras’ Le camion with translators’ discussi...
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24.06.2021 18:00
Да превеждаш "Времеубежище“ Разговор с преводачите Анджела Родел, Александър Зицман, Джузепе...
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