Autumn Studio for Literary Translation 2019
Literature and Translation House
13.09.2019 - 28.09.2019
Literary translation workshops, lectures, discussions, practical modules, networking

September 13th-15th, 2019
September 27th-29th, 2019


The Autumn Studio for Literary Translation is the first international, non-academic training for literary translators in Bulgaria. It offers practical training to translators in their early or middle stage of professional development.

The Studio provides a rich programme of practical sessions, lectures, discussions and networking events that will improve the participants' skills, revealing successful strategies from behind the scenes of translation, editing, pitching to publishers and grant programmes.

The workshops are designed to encourage collaboration and peer learning, since the participants’ own translations are the main focus of the Studio’s small-group discussions. All translators taking part in the programme receive certificates, while the most promising participants will have their texts, translated during the Studio, published in a literary weekly and will be awarded a 3-month mentorship scheme with an experienced translator.

About the programme
The Studio comprises of classes in two separate modules, as well as common lectures intended for participants in both modules:

Multilingual workshops (September 13th-15th)
Classes intended for translators from all languages onto Bulgarian. The sessions are headed by a number of established translators and focus on the participants’ translations and various editing and self-editing techniques; contextualizing translated texts in a Bulgarian environment; developing methods for attractive presentation of an unknown foreign text to potential publishers, etc.

Focus Language Workshops (September 27th-29th)
Two separate focus groups for translators from:
The underlying work method in the groups is producing a final, collaborative translation of a literary text, where each workshop facilitator applies their own conception and approach according to the group’s goals and the specific character of the chosen text.

Lectures and discussions
Besides all practical classes, participants join in lectures and social events dedicated to literary translation, take part in discussions with authors and meet publishers and organisations whose activities focus literary translation and increasing the capacity and motivation of literary translators.

The full program of the Autumn Studio for Literary Translation is available here.

Some impresions from the first few days of the Studio in 2019

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