Reading Kerouac in Tehran: politics of literature and translation in Iran
Literature and Translation House - Sofia
22.08.2019 18:30 - 20:00
Farid Ghadami (Iran) in conversation with Todor P. Todorov on literature and politics, on the art of translation, on Ghadami's work and his interest in Bulgaria, on the intellectual climate in nowadays Iran. 

( in English ) 

Farid Ghadami is an awarded author of four novels and translator of Kerouac, Joyce, Ginsberg, Cummings and others, follower of Blanchot's concept on literary communism.
Recently, Ghadami started translating Bulgarian literature (via English) into Farsi, and published poetry by Nikola Vaptzarov and Virginia Zakharieva in Tehran. 
See more on Farid Ghadami and his residency stay in Sofia here.     

Todor P. Todorov is an associate professor in Philosophy in Sofia University and autho of two books of short stories as well as of a study on history of Arab philosophy.

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