Historical prose writing: a workshop with Thomas McGonigle
Literature and Translation House - Sofia
22.06.2019 17:00 - 19:30
Join novelist and book reviewer Thomas McGonigle in exploring various approaches towards writing about historical figures or events. What is the relation between fact and fiction in historical prose? How to develop character, plot and the "fictional dimension?

OPEN to prose writers at any level; open to those who are writing about historical figures or are thinking about writing or have stopped and want to start again.
McGonigle will offer short writing exercises and will lead a discussion using examples of English-language literature, including his own book about Bulgarian 20 c. history, The Corpse Dream of Nikola Petkov (Ciela, 2019)

Participants are encouraged to bring a summary of their work in English or an excerpt for discussion. The workshop facilitator will be available for individual consultations the following Saturday, the 28th.

Some pics from the event


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