More than one Pathway?
Frankfurter Buchmesse, Internationales Übersetzungszentrum (Halle 4.1 F81)
20.10.2023 17:30 CET

More than one Pathway?
Contemporary Balkan Literatures in Translation

➡ Oct 20, 17:030 CET, Frankfurter Buchmesse, Internationales Übersetzungszentrum (Halle 4.1 F81)

The public discussion looks at recent successes in literary translations from the languages of the Balkans and discusses how a book from a “less-translated” language gets to its international readers, who actually makes the choices and what is the role of translators in the process.

The panel is based on the findings and discussion topics raised by Mapping of Translated Literatures from the Western Balkans issued by Next Page Foundation and partners within the Balkan Translations Collider project.

With inputs from:

The panel is followed by a reception with a glass of wine.

The event is organized by the Next Page Foundation in the framework of the Balkan Translations Collider project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and the National Culture Fund, Bulgaria

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