Open call: Residencies for literary translators from Bulgarian

Open call: Residencies for established and beginner literary translators from Bulgarian in July 2024
Next Page Foundation announces an open call for literary translators from Bulgarian for 3 one-month residencies at the Sofia Literature and Translation House in July 2024


➡ Application deadline: October 12 2023, 23:59 CET


The call is open for both experienced translators with published translations of Bulgarian fiction, as well as for translators who are still improving their Bulgarian language and are yet planning to work on literary translations from Bulgarian.

Eligible candidates are citizens of or legal residents of the following countries (including their Overseas Countries and Territories and Outermost Regions of the European Union*):

Albania, Austria, Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia and Ukraine.

An important condition of the programme is that the approved candidates must travel to Bulgaria and back from their country of citizenship or in which they legally reside.

For example, if you are a citizen of Italy, if you apply for residency under this call and are selected, at the time of your travel to Sofia you must depart from Italy, and then from Sofia also return to Italy. You will not be able to travel to or from another country, even if it is on the list of countries listed above.



You can find the application documents documents listed below. They need to be send to Adriana Ivanova, Residency Programme Coordinator, at aivanova [at] with email subject SOFIA RESIDENCY JULY 2024. 

➡ The paplication deadline is October 12 2023, 23:59 CET

If you are sure that you want to apply for the one-month residency under this call, you can first send a request of interest with your name, the language into which you translate, a short biography and a brief description of the goals of your residency. Later and by October 12, We will expect the following documents from you later but by Oct 12:

According to your specific professional experience, the portfolio may include the following information: 

- Academic training in linguistics, literature and translation, book publishing or related fields;
- Number of years of experience in literary translation;
- Number of literary titles translated from Bulgarian (and/or from other languages) and their bibliographic details;
- Non-academic specializations (eg seminars);
- Other manifestations of your special interest in the Bulgarian language and culture. 

The motivation letter may include the following information:

- Whether you will be working on the translation of a book for the publication of which you already have a contract or expressed interest from a publisher;
- Whether you will work on the translation of an excerpt from a Bulgarian book, which you will present and pitch to publishers in your country;
- Whether you will meet with Bulgarian authors, translators, linguists, literary professionals or cultural managers; whether you plan to attend Bulgarian language lessons during your residency to improve your language skills;
- Whether you plant to attend literary events, festivals and book fairs.

Proof of legal residence is:

- Passport or other identity document including the address of residence in your country;
- Residence or work permit in the respective country.


Accommodation and duration

Your residency must take place within the month of July 2024, and the team of Next Page foundation and the Sofia Literature and Translation House will provide you with free accommodation.

You can arrive to and leave Sofia up to 14 days before the start and after the end of your residency.

All three translators-in-residency must begin their residencies at the same time. The residency start day does not have to be July 1st 2024, but our team will coordinate the three participants for them to start their residencies on the same day in the timespan between late June and early July 2024.


The residency fellowship covers travel and daily expenses, and could further include additional financial top-ups in case of disability or when traveling with a child.

Travel expenses 

The travel allowance depends on the travel distance of the participants and the means of transport:

Daily expenses 

The daily allowance is a fixed amount of €25 per day for one resident. It can be used, for example, for food expenses, local transport, access to cultural events, etc. at the resident's discretion.


The payment of additional top-ups is based on the individual situation and needs of each participant, with proof of each allowance required.
  If participants do not travel by air on a round trip, they can receive an additional green top-up of €350, applicable only for distances over 600 km one way.
This financial support is available for participants whose disabilities affect their ability to complete the mobility project. The budget is further agreed with the European donor organization according to the individual needs of the participant.


Approved candidates will receive confirmation of participation within a month of the deadline, ie. no later than November 12, 2023.

For additional questions, requests for interest and applications for the residency program, please contact Adriana Ivanova, Residency Programme Coordinator, at aivanova [at]


*Outermost regions: 

French Guiana (France), Guadeloupe (France), Martinique (France), Mayotte (France), Reunion Island (France), SaintMartin (France), Azores (Portugal), Madeira (Portugal), Canary Islands (Spain). 

*Overseas Countries and Territories: 

Greenland (Denmark), French Polynesia (France), New Caledonia (France), Saint Barthelemy (France), St. Pierre and Miquelon (France), Wallis and Futuna Islands (France), Aruba (The Netherlands), Bonaire (The Netherlands), Curaçao (The Netherlands), Saba (The Netherlands), Sint Maarten (The Netherlands), Sint Eustatius (The Netherlands). 

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