Autumn Studio for Literary Translation
Literature and Translation House + other venues
13.09.2019 - 29.09.2019

Workshops on literary translation, lectures, practical modules, networking, discussions 

13–15 September 2019
27–29 September 2019


The Autumn Studio for Literary Translation is the first international, non-academic training for literary translators into Bulgarian. It is designed both for translators in their early stage of professional development, as well as for experienced professionals with publications.

The Studio offers a diverse programme of practical classes, lectures, networking events and discussions that will enhance the participants' skills, unveil know-how from the "kitchen" of translation, editing and communication with publisher and will encourage collaboration and peer learning.

The participants' translations are the focus of attention and will be discussed in small groups. All participants will receive certificates, while the most promising ones will be published in the only literary weekly in Bulgaria and will receive a 3-month mentorship support by and experienced translator.

The 2019 Studio offers classes divided into two independent modules and common classes for all participants:

Multilingual panels on translation and editing (13– 15 September 2019)
Workshops for literary translators from any language into Bulgarian. The sessions will be conducted by experienced Bulgarian and international literary translators and will focus on  different self-editing and editing techniques, contextuazlisation of a translation into the Bulgarian environment, methods of attractive presentation of an unknown foreign text to potential publishers, etc.

Focus language workshops (27–29 September 2019)

Two separate focus groups for participants translating from:
- Swedish, Danish and/or Norwegian
- German
The main working method in the groups will be collaborative and consensual translation of a literary text, but each facilitator will apply their own conception and approach according to the group's aims and the characteristics of the chosen texts. Facilitators of this module will be respectively Maria Zmiicharova and Ana Dimova.

For participants of both modules
Apart from these practical sessions, participants will attend lectures and social events dedicated to literary translation, will take part in discussions with authors and in workshops with publishers and organisations whose activities are focused on literary translation and the motivation of literary translators.

The full program of the Autumn Studio for Literary Translation is available here.

Program director: Nadezhda Radulova
Facilitators, mentors and lecturers: established Bulgarian and international translators, editors, publishers and writers.

The program is developed in cooperation with the British Centre for Literary Translation - University of East Anglia and with the generous financial support of Nordisk Kulturfond and Sofia Municipality Culture Programme.

Some impresions from the first few days of the Studio in 2019:
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