Ilya Leutin (Russia)
Bio note

Ilya Leutin was born in Siberia in 1986. He is a screenwriter and a columnist for a number of Russian publications, including Snob and The Russian Muslim. His first book, 'Ravshan's Real Stories', published under the name Ravshan Saleddin, was longlisted for the prestigious National Bestseller award and shortlisted for the Russian Debut prize in 2013. He is also the author of the novels 'Silence Full Blast' (2015), 'Poopoocracy' (2021) and the collections 'The Caramel Knight' (2016) and 'Oriental Miniatures' (2018).

Residency goals

During his residency stay, Ilya will be working on his non-fiction book on 30 years of history of small press and independent publishing market in Europe and Russia through the prism of independent publishing market, from samizdat till contemporary feminists and LGBTQ+ activists editions. He is planning to conduct a research on Bulgarian small press market and interview several Bulgarian indie publishers.