Hanna Sandborgh (Sweden)
Bio note

Hanna Sandborgh is a translator, teacher and researcher born in Stockholm in 1990. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Russian Language from the Slavic Faculty at Stockholm University and a Master’s in Philology from the Pushkin Institute of Russian Language in Moscow. In the summer of 2020, she moved to Tbilisi, Georgia, for her PhD studies in the field of Georgian linguistics with a focus on Cognitive Linguistics and Construction Grammar.

She taught Swedish as a foreign language at the Russian State University in Moscow between 2015-2020. It was also during this period that she got acquainted with the Bulgarian language whilst on a distance course from Uppsala University in Sweden.

In parallel, after completing two courses in Translation Studies at Stockholm University, her professional translation career started in 2012 with smaller translation work. She later received a Master’s in Literary Translation from Valand Academy, Gothenburg in 2021 with Russian. During spring 2023, her first two translations from Russian will be published in Swedish. She is now working on the translation of Georgi Gospodinov’s 'Time Shelter' from Bulgarian. 

Residency goals

During her residency in Sofia, Hanna will be working on the Swedish translation of Georgi Gospodinov’s ‘Time Shelter’. This is her first translation from Bulgarian so the stay will be important to expand her local network as well as to interact with the Bulgarian language on a daily basis. 
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