I fought the clichés... And the clichés won
Bar-stage at Toplocentrala
12.03.2023 18:30

I fought the clichés... And the clichés won
Slovenian writer Miha Mazzini in conversation with the creators of 'Cards against Bulgarianness' Mimi Shishkova-Petrova and Radoslav Petrov

➡ March 12, Sunday, 18:30 at the bar-stage at Toplocentrala

Meet three multitalented people with different backgrounds in a witty and frank conversation about national clichés, 'Bulgarianness' and 'Slovenianness', literature, film and gaming industry, anthropology, and more.

The discussion between Miha Mazzini (Slovenian author, public speaker, screenwriter and columnist) and the creators of 'Cards against Bulgarianness' Mimi Shishkova-Petrova (laywer) and Radoslav Petrov (screenwriter) will be moderated by journalist Damyana Veleva.

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The audience is invited to ask questions and contribute to the discussion. The conversation will be held in English.

About the participants:

Miha Mazzini (Slovenia) is a best-selling and award-winning Slovenian writer with over 30 published books. Miha is also a consultant, screenwriter, film director, lecturer. His fiction has been translated into 11 languages albeit not in Bulgarian (yet). His most popular documentaries include 'Izbrisana' / Erased (2018) about non-Slovenes or people of mixed origin after the dissolution of Yugoslavia and 'YuMex' (2013) about the Mexican music craze in communist times. Miha is a regular contributor to the oldest Slovenian news portal SiolNET where he speaks with a critical and candid voice about the Slovenian culture and way of life. You can check out his work at his website

Mimi Shishkova-Petrova lived in Germany for about 10 years. She studied law at Heidelberg University and worked at the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences. Mimi returned to Bulgaria in search of live and... Bulgarianness. The pandemic turned out to be a good time for her and her partner to work on the creation of the Bulgarian board game 'Cards against Bulgarianness' after the model of the famous American game 'Cards against Humanity'.

Radoslav Petrov graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts. He worked as a screenwriter of Bulgarian and international TV series and short films. In 2021 Rado and his partner in life Mimi Shishkova published a 'party game for cultured swine' – the 'Cards against Bulgarianness'.

Learn more about the game 'Cards against Bulgarianness' here: www.bulgarshtina.bg

Damyana Veleva is a journalist for Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty’s Bulgarian Service. She studied Islamic studies at the University of Heidelberg and the Free University of Berlin. She enjoys writing about the nexus between politics, history, and culture.

The event is part of Miha Mazzini’s creative residency at the Sofia Literature and Translation House supported by the TRADUKI literary network and Sofia Municipality.
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