Eugenio López Arriazu (Argentina)
poet, translator, publisher, university professor
Bio note

Eugenio López Arriazu (Buenos Aires, 1967) is a PhD in Literature (University of Buenos Aires), English Teacher (ISP. Joaquín V. González), writer, Slavic studies specialist, and literary translator. He is currently a researcher and Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature (UBA), where he teaches American Literature and directs both the chair of Slavic Literatures and Research Projects in the Slavic studies field.

He is the author of seven poetry books, one of short stories, one novel (awarded by the Fondo Nacional de las Artes’ literary contest 2022) and three books of essays about Slavic literature. As a translator, his published work consists of translations from Latin, French, Russian, English, Portuguese, Serbo-croatian, Bulgarian and Swedish. Ha has received an Argentinian award for the translation of W. B. Yeats’ La condesa Cathleen y otras obras (Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, UBA) and an international one for the translation of Guennadi Aygi’s poetry (Chitai Rossia).

He has translated authors such as F. Dostoievski, A. Pushkin, F. Rabelais, W. Blake, J. Caesar, the Serbian V. Bajac and the Bulgarians H. Botev and K. Pavlov, among others. His poetry has been published in several international magazines and translated into several languages. 

Residency goals

During his stay at the Sofia Literature and Translation House, Ariazu will conduct research on J. L. Borges’ perception in Bulgaria and will present his translation into Spanish of Konstantin Pavlolv's poetry - 'Konstantín Pavlov: Аsesinato de un hombre dormido' (Dedalus, Buenos Aires, 2022).

Residency materials 
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08.06.2023 18:00

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