Ivan Herceg (Croatia)
poet, writer, еditor-in-residence
Bio note

Ivan Herceg (1970) finished his studies in Croatian language and literature and South-Slavic philology at Zagreb’s Faculty of Philosophy. He is the executive editor of the Zagreb-based journal Poezija, devoted exclusively to poetry, the assistant editor of Poezija’s book publishing section, and the co-organiser of the SUR (Stih u regiji - Poetry in the Region) Poetry Festival.

His first poems were published in the Lirski katalog Škole kreativnog pisanja (Zagreb, 1993), and his first volume of poetry, 'Naša druga imena', was published in 1994 (SKUD I. G. Kovačić, Zagreb) and was awarded the Goran prize for young poets, while his book Noć na asfaltu received the Zdravko Pucak prize in 1996 in Karlovac. His first book of prose, 'Goli', was published in 2011 (Profil, Zagreb). His story SMS – cvjetni porno was included in Libido.hr (Naklada MD, Zagreb, 2002), a selection of Croatian erotic stories.

Residency goals

After the successful publication of the Anthology of Bulgarian Poetry in Croatian - 'Na poslednjem katu neba' (Hrvatsko društvo pisaca, Zagreb 2022), Ivan Herceg will be in Sofia again to prepare his new poetry book titled 'Zero life'. The work will include editing of poems, scanning of verses, harmonizing the cycles of poems in preparation for a final analysis and review of the entire manuscript in order to be ready for publication in autumn 2023.