Miha Mazzini (Slovenia)
Bio note

Miha Mazzini (1961) is a Slovenian writer with more than 30 books published in Slovenia and translations into 12 languages. He is also a screenwriter and a filmmaker of award-winning short and feature films. One of his short stories won the Pushcart Prize in 2012.

His novels and movies deal with the themes people would rather not speak about, from the bizarre musical craze of Mexican music under Yugoslav communism to the tragic fate of the citizens that the Slovenian government erased from the files. He received the Kresnik Award (2016) and was shortlisted for Fabula Award (2011) and Novo mesto award (2019). 

Residency goals

After the intensive promotion of his latest book 'It's Personal', Miha will use his residency stay at the Sofia Literature and Translation House to focus back on writing. To retreat 'far from the madding crowd' (as Hardy would say) and have time for his soul to catch up with his actions. 

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