Borjana Dodova (Czech Republic)
Bio note

Borjana Dodova (1983) is a Czech writer, programmer, and lecturer. She studied script writing and mathematics. She has been publishing in various Czech literary magazines, like Revolver Revue, Psí víno, A2 and Umělec. She has collaborated with Czech Radio. Her first collection of short stories 'Inverted Pendulum' came out in 2014.

Her work has been translated to Polish and Bulgarian. Her short story has been included in the Bulgarian anthology of Czech contemporary stories 'Among the Czechs', published by Janet 45 in 2022. She is interested in architecture, Cold War history, semiotics, machine learning, and digital humanities. 

Residency goals

After her residency stay in Sofia in 2020 was interrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in January 2023 Dodova is back to finish her creative residency in Sofia. She will be working towards the completion of her 'Balkan Cookbook'. The word cookbook ('kuchařka') carries different associations in Czech. It means 'collection of recipes', but also signifies a 'female cook'. Finally, 'kuchařka' is a slightly derogatory term for a naïve system of simplistic truths. All these meanings play a significant role in the narrative text. Besides working on her book, Dodova will try to deepen her knowledge of Bulgarian culture and familiarize herself with the local literary scene.