Jędrzej Morawiecki (Poland)
Bio note

Jędrzej Morawiecki is author of 12 non-fiction and academic books, works at the Institute of Journalism and Social Communication of the University of Wrocław, holds PhD of Slavic philology (2005) and sociology (2007), and is a habilitated doctor in Culture and Religion Sciences (2019). 

In addition, Jędrzej Morawiecki is a translator of an extensive book by Vladimir Abarinov 'Widziadła. Gra Wywiadów. Walka mocarstw', Bialystok, 2017 ('Phantasms. The Game of Special Services. Тhe Struggle of the Powers'). He is co-creator of the anthology of non-fiction stories from Belarus 'Ojczyzna dobrej jakości' ('Czarne', 2019). In February 2022 his new experimental non-fiction book 'Szuga. Landscape after Empire' (escape from the FSB from Siberia to Donbas) was been published by 'Czytelnik' Publishing Cooperative. 

From 1998 to 2008 Jedrzej was associated with 'Tygodnik Powszechny', he was also a reporter for the Reuters Agency, he published, inter alia, in 'Polityka', 'National Geographic', 'Gazeta Wyborcza', 'Rzeczpospolita' and collaborated with different radio programs. 

Residency goals

During his residency stay at Sofia Literature and Translation House Jędrzej will be working on the promotion of his book 'Szuga. Landscape after Empire' (2022) and will start working on his next novel.

Public events
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Photos: Polish Institute in Sofia

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