Marta Dzido (Poland)
Marta Dzido made her literary debut at the age of 16 with poetry and prose published in magazines 'Krzywe Koło Literatury' and 'Koło Podkowy'. She is author of the novels 'Ślad po mamie' (Korporacja Ha art, 2006), 'Małż' (Korporacja Ha art, 2006), 'Matrioszka' (Relacja, 2022 ), 'Frajda' (Korporcja Ha art, 2018), the non-fiction book 'Kobiety Solidarności' (Świat Książki, 2016), the collection of short stories 'Sezon na truskawki' (Relacja, 2021), and of texts published in the anthologies 'Proza życia' (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego, 2003), 'Wolałbym nie' (Korporacja Ha art, 2007), 'Walka jest kobietą' (Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, 2014).

Her prose has been translated into Vietnamese, Czech, Ukrainian, Serbian, Macedonian, German and Croatian. Bulgarian edition of the novel 'Frajda' is coming soon by Paradox Publishing. The novel has won European Union Prize for Literature in 2019. Аn excerpt of the novel in English is available here

Marta is co-director and co-producer, together with Piotr Śliwowski, of the documentaries: 'Downtown', 'Solidarity according to Women', and of the docudrama 'Women Power'. She is laureate of the awards Hollywood Eagle Documentary Award, Krzysztof Kieslowski Beyond Borders Award, European Union Prize for Literature.  

Marta Dzido's personal website - in English and Polish, is available here

Residency goals
During her stay in residency in Sofia, Marta Dzido will be writing another collection of short stories exploring similar issues already raised in her books 'Frajda' and 'Strawberry season'. The main ones among them are: different ways of the process of female liberation, physical intimacy and desire, women’s body as a battleground, experiences related to motherhodd and grandmotherhood, rebirth of a body that has experienced violence.
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