2021 Highlights
Dear colleagues and friends,

We are glad we were together in what has been a consecutive bizarre year for everyone.

The Sofia Literature and Translation House hosted 13 writers and translators from eight countries in 2021. While here, they worked both on translations from Bulgarian and original work.

At the outset of the year, we immediately took on the matter of digitalizing our program and have since produced 44 events – in-person, digital, and hybrid. We are now sharing with you the lovely memories of the engaging talks in our extensive video archive on our YouTube channel.

We continued to hold our traditional “Translation Thursdays”, whose themes this year varied widely from the new translations of The Little Prince, translating comics, to the beloved Bulgarian translation of Allo Allo's “Good Moaning” by Zlatna Kostova.

Our new series “To Translate…” introduced you to different language translators of Time Shelter, The Palaveev Sisters, The Meek, and the Slav-Bulgarian History.

We opened the garden of the house on 12, Latinka st. for meetings and summer events like the bilingual poetry reading Back-to-Back / Face to Face, and the discussion on translating plays with Peggy Aman, Violeta Troyanska, and Olya Stoyanova – and many more. 

We hosted several literature initiatives of our partners, while our events visited a few delightful Sofia spots like the Fox Book Café and Cabana Cinema.

The Fall Studio for Literary Translation took place again this year, as did the Transparent Translator. Translators, who took part, called the studio “an incredible experience”, which offered not only new knowledge and skills but also the feeling of being “among your own, amid like-minded people”.

Next Page Foundation marked its 20th anniversary this December 5. Keep an eye out for the upcoming festivities and celebrations to honor the occasion on- and offline.

Besides entering into our 20’s, this year also marked the beginning of two long-term Western Balkan cooperation initiatives. You can learn more about the Balkan Translations Collider and the Translation in Motion projects, the partnerships, future events, and activities here. 

- - - 

Our wish for the new year is to have fewer house emergencies and more in-person meetings!
The Next Page Foundation and Sofia Literature and Translation House team

We would like to thank everyone who were with us during this year. Our audience, our residents, the mentors and event hosts, and our contributors from National Culture Fund, Sofia Municipality, Goethe-Institut, Polish Institute. 
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