Hello, Stranger: A Conversation of Nadhezda Radoulova with Will Buckingham
Live at Zoom and at Sofia Literature and Translation House Facebook page
18.11.2021 18:30

Hello, Stranger
A Conversation of Nadhezda Radoulova with Will Buckingham

➡ November 18 (Thursday) from 6:30 PM (CET+1)

The event will be live streamed at Sofia Literature and Translation House Facebook page in English. If you prefer to listen to the conversation with Bulgarian translation, please follow the link to the Zoom Webinarhttps://zoom.us/j/91055412494

Will Buckingham's Hello, Stranger: How We Find Connection in a Disconnected World (Granta 2021) is a memoir of grief, a piece of travel writing, a frieze of brilliant anecdotes, and anthropological essay, a philosophical study, an autobiography of encounters, yet, at the same time, an autobiography of readings. This passionate and brave 'collage', accompanied by 425 endnotes, some of which intriguing stories themselves, is what makes Will Buckhingham’s latest book both a thought provoking read and a page-turner.

From the twilight aspects of host-guest relationship, described in Homer’s Odyssey, to the nowadays refugee crises around the world, the author offers a multidisciplinary approach to challenge our national, ethnic, ethical, cultural, linguistic, and even human 'borders'. 

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Will Buckingham is a writer, university professor and activist. He has a PhD in Philosophy and has taught in several universities, including in Yangon, Myanmar. He is a co-founder of the organization Wind & Bones, together with Hannah Stevens. Will and Hannah were also in residency at Sofia Literature and Translation House and are currently based in Sofia. 

Nadhezda Radoulovа has a PhD in Comparative literature. She writes, translates poetry and prose, edits. Sometimes she teaches. But most of all she loves to read and believes that without the last everything else would lose meaning and passion. 

The event is part of Sofia Literature and Translation House program and is supported by National Culture Fund Bulgaria.

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