Francesca Cosi, Alessandra Repossi (Italy)
Francesca Cosi and Alessandra Repossi have 25 years experience in translating novels, short stories, essays and poetry from English, Spanish, and French into Italian. They have translated over 150 books and 50 articles, and hold university seminars on translation on a regular basis. They belong to the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters as qualified members.

Alessandra and Francesca also write articles for magazines (Alessandra is a journalist and a photographer), and have published about 30 books, mostly about their travels on foot and by bike. One of their last books, 'Dove iniziano i Balcani '(Ediciclo, 2019) is a travel book about a trip to Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Montenegro.

Residency goals
During their stay in Sofia, Alessandra and Francesca will be working on the Italian translation of the last book by the acclaimed British writer Jessica Fellowes. They will also do researcher and interviews in order to write articles about Bulgarian cultural heritage.

Residency materials

  Jessica Fellowes: Il caso della sorella scomparsa, Milano, 2022

  Translated by Francesca Cosi and Alessandra Repossi during their residency stay at
  Sofia Literature and Translation House