Katica Acevska (North Macedonia)
Katica Acevska is freelance literary translator, editor and journalist. She translates from English, French, Bulgarian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian into Macedonian language. She has been a resident grant holder in translation centres in Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Sweden, Switzerland, UK (England, Wales), USA.

She is a winner of the national literary translation award 'Golden pen' for the year 1999, Carl Holenstein translation grant from the Fischer Stiftung and Looren Translation House, Switzerland, 2014, Pro Helvetia/CITL translation grant 2018, as well as Eurodram 2021. 

Katica writes contributing articles for magazines and newspapers, she is an editor in chief at Blesok Cultural Institution and Balkan Mountaineering Magazine.

Residency goals
During her stay at the Sofia Literature and Translation House she will work on the translation of the novel 'Krotkite' by the Bulgarian author Angel Igov. The communication with the author will be of great benefit, as well as the communication with the Bulgarian writers and translators, the local cultural and literary publishing scene.

Residency materials

  Angel Igov: „Krotkite“, Skopje, 2022

  The novel is translated by Katica Acevska during her residency stay at Sofia Literature
  and Translation House 

The translation residency of Katica Acevska at the Sofia Literature and Translation House is supported by the project Translation in Motion (1/2/21-31/8/23), co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.
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