Velina Minkoff (France/Bulgaria)
Velina Minkoff is a writer and translator. She has a degree in English (track Creative Writing – Fiction) from UCLA and is a graduate of the École de Traduction Littéraire (ETL) at the French National Book Center (CNL). A participant in the Translation Atelier of the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation in Sofia, resident translator at Open Letter Books in Rochester, NY, auditrice libre in the Master de Traduction littéraire at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, she is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Translators and the Association des traducteurs littéraires de France (ATLF).

She lives in Paris, where she writes and translates fiction (Bulgarian, English, French) and is a PhD candidate in Bulgarian literary translation at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Cultures (INALCO).

Residency goals
During her residency, Velina Minkoff will work with Bulgarian writer Alek Popov on the English language translation of his novels The Palaveev Sisters in the Storm of History („Сестри Палавееви / В бурята на историята“, Сиела, 2013) and 'The Palaveev Sisters on the Road to the New World' („Сестри Палавееви по пътя към новия свят“, Сиела, 2017).
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