Peggy Hamann (France/Germany), Violeta Troanska (Germany/Bulgaria)
Bio note

Peggy Hamann (1977) is a french literary translator and script consultant based in Saarbrücken, Germany. She’s is working with film and theater authors, European theatres and film production companies. In the past twenty years, she has coordinated many European cultural projects, networks and festivals in France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg and translated several radio and theatre plays from German into French. Her recent translations were commissioned by German artistic collectives (Liquid Penguin ensemble and Korso.op) and by European theatres (such as Théâtre National du Luxembourg, Staatstheater Saarbrücken, NEST Théâtre Thionville). 
Board member of the movie theatre Kino achteinhalb in Saarbrücken, since 2020 she is also working with a Tunisian film director and producer to promote Arabic female film makers’ cinematography.

Violeta Troanska is a visual artist, born in Sofia in 1978 but who has lived for years in France and Germany. She paints and has held several exhibitions, in parallel with her work as a gardener. Together with her French neighbour and inspired by her friendship during the Covid times, they decided to do something meaningful which they both like: to translate a contemporary Bulgarian play in order to put it on stage abroad. This is the first time she participates in a literary translation.

Residency goals

During their residency at Sofia Literature and Translation House Peggy Hamann and Violeta Troanska will be working on the translation of Olya Stoyanova’s theater play 'The women from orange orchards' from Bulgarian into French.
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