Giada Fratini (Italy)
Giada Fratini (1995) is a translator and a teacher from Macerata, Italy. She has graduated translation in the Bologna University with English, Russian and Bulgarian language. At the moment she specializes in Italian philology at the University for foreigners in Perugia.

She teaches English and Italian language and translates Italian subtitles for the Bulgarian film festival in Rome, as well as for independent movies, some of which are 'Zhaleika' by Eliza Petkova and 'Alcek and the Bulgarians in Italy' (2020) by Rositsa Lazarova – Sbaralia and Ivo Ivanov.

Residency goals
During her residency stay, Giada Fratini will be working on the Italian language translation of the novel 'The Palaveev Sisters', written by the Bulgarian writer Alek Popov.
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