Danilo Manera (Italy)
writer and translator
Danilo Manera is a professor of Spanish literature in the Milano University (Italy), writer, literary critic, cultural journalist, translator from a few languages.

From Bulgarian, he has translated the works of Yordan Radichkov and Emiliyan Stanev. He has prepared a lot of Italian editions of many Spanish and Latin American authors. He has written the novels 'Lamalasantísima' (Elliot, 2019) and 'Ballata delle montagne perdute' (Elliot, 2020), which main action takes place partly in Bulgaria, a book for travelling through Amazonia: 'Yuruparí. I flauti dell’anaconda celeste' (Feltrinelli, 1999), a comic book 'Il monile di Bengasi' (Besa, 2004) and three collections of short stories: 'Terre Lune Langhe' (Gribaudo, 2000), 'Sconcerto cubano' (Robin, 2016) and 'Passi falsi' (Robin, 2021).

Residency goals
During his stay in Sofia, Danilo Manera will be working on his new novel, full of Bulgarian elements. He will also use the time to meet different Bulgarian publishers, and key figures of the local literature and cultural world.
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