Hellen Kooijman (The Netherlands)
Hellen Kooijman lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She has been visiting Bulgaria since 1991 and has written numerous journalistic articles about Bulgarian topics for various Dutch newspapers and magazines. In addition to her journalistic work, she also translates from Bulgarian into Dutch. Her translation of Физика на тъгата (In Dutch 'De wetten van de melancholie') by Georgi Gospodinov was published in 2015.

She is currently working on the translation of Gospodinov's last novel: Времеубежище.

Residency goals
For the correct translation of the new novel by Georgi Gospodinov, the realization of the main idea behind the words and sentences used in the novel, it is very important for her to consult with the author. Personal communication in Sofia would be much more rewarding than by email or phone from the Netherlands. Another goal is that she is convinced that the translation will be enriched by an immersion in the culture of the country and the language in which the novel is written. 

Residency materials
  Georgi Gospodinov: Schuilplaats voor andere tijden,
  Ambo/Anthos, 2022 
  Translated by Hellen Kooijman

  Hellen Kooijman en Sonnimir Pantschevski: Sofia:
  Odyssee Reisgidsen VOF, 2022
Sofia tour giude written by Hellen Kooijman and Sonnimir Pantschevski
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