Next Page Foundation
Next Page Foundation aims to encourage international literature communication by supporting the empowerment of underprivlieiged groups, languages and countries for equal participation in the global dialogue of ideas. 

Next Page develops cultural programs and projects in the field of books, reading and translations.


Next Page Foundation is established in December 2001. Until 2007 its main activities reinforce the programs of Open Society Institute - Budapest (OSI - Budapest) in support of the bookpublishing sector.

The foundation operates internationally with special focus on peripheral languages. Next Page works in 3 main areas: Eastern Europe and the Balkans, Post-Soviet states, and the Arab speaking world. Pilot projects with potential global applicability are also being developed in few other geographical places. It actively cooperates with organizations and individuals in other parts of the world who share its aims.


The Next Page Foundation’s main office is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. It works in close partnership with international organizations and local partners in 25 countries. The Foundation is governed by a Governing Board, an executive director and a number of advisory committees. It also cooperates with a vast network of international experts.

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