Dana von Suffrin (Germany)
Dana is a writer and helds a PhD in history. In 2019, her debut novel 'Otto' was published with Kiepenheuer und Witsch and has several awards. Ever since she is writing short shories, essays, scripts and radio plays.

Her work focuses on German-Jewish life after the Shoah, family issues, and the burden of the past, often in a humorous way. 

Residency goals
During her stay in Sofia, Dana wants to research Jewish life in Bulgaria in depth. In her new novel, Dana wants to cover three generations of women and start with an Eastern-European account of the 20th century. The focus will be on the fascinating and multi-cultural, cosmopolitan history of countries like Bulgaria and RŠ¾mania. At the moment, she is especially interested in post-war history and the rise of communism. Dana is especially interested in researching Sofia's past and present and in exchanging ideas with fellow writers, artists, and scholars. 
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