Balkan Translations Collider
What is the Balkan Translations Collider project about? 

In early January 2021 Next Page Foundation launched the new Balkan Translations Collider Project in partnership with ARGH (Serbia), POETEKA (Albania), Sandorf (Croatia), Goten (North Macedonia), and the Municipality of Podgorica.

The Collider will work to bolster cross-border literary networks and cooperation both within the Western Balkans, and – on a larger scale – with other European countries. Although literary translation is at the heart of the project, the act of translating and the translators are not the focus of the project.

Instead, the Collider draws attention to the infrastructure underlying the process of introducing a literary work in translation to a new audience.

This includes a vast array of networking and communicative systems made up of organizations, individual professionals, publishers, festivals, book fairs, and many more. Although these tend to stay in the shadow when thinking about what factors are key to translating literature, without them a translation would never take place at all.
In other words, the project focuses its efforts on the go-betweens, which in one way
or another – often crucially – pave the way for a literary work to reach a new language audience through translation. A priority among those is given to literary managers, as the ones having the most opportunities to influence and steer the process.

Main activities
In its lifecycle the Collider will:
Finally, the project will close with a special event at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023, dedicated to the theme of the project. Apart from external experts who will speak at the event, the project team and its experts will present the project results, products, etc.

The Translations Collider Academy on Literary Management and Translation Promotion aims to explore ways to overcome the imbalances in the literary translation traffic in Europe. The Academy spans across two five-day sessions

- one in Struga, North Macedonia (May 13 - May 18 2022)
- and second in Durrës and Shkodër, Albania (May 18 - May 22 2022)

Video from the Translations Collider Academy: International Academy on Literary Management and Translation Promotion | Struga, North Macedonia 2022

  The studies on the state of translations from the languages of the countries North Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as a summary of the six reports are available here

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Watch the Balkan Translations Collider project official video:

The Collider is a three-year project and is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


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