In the sequel of our residency program: Elena Alexieva's short stories published in Persian
The latest outcome of Farid Ghadami's Bulgarian residency at Sofia Literature and Translation House is the short stories collection The Funfair  by Elena Alexieva published in Iran by ManiaHonar Publishing House. The short stories are translated by Sarah Mohammadi and edited by Ghadami. 

The publishing of The Funfair  in Persian is a natural continuance of the process of introducing Bulgarian literature ot Iranians.

During his residency in the summer of 2019 Farid Ghadami wrote an autobiographical novel in Persian focusing on Bulgaria’s cultural features and religious tolerance. Furthermore, he be translated selected Bulgarian works into Persian through English - Virginia Zaharieva's novel The Hen with the Patched-up Eye, and a selection of stories by Zdravka Evtimova, Boyan Biolchev, Petar Denchev, Yanitsa Radeva, Vladimir Poleganov, Velina Minkoff, Olya Stoyanova, Maria Doneva, Ivanka Mogilska, Irina Papancheva, Elka Stoyanova, Bistra Velichkova, and Alek Popov, compiled and issued in the collection Farid Ghadami: After Communism - an anthology of contemporary Bulgarian short stories, Hirmand Publishers, 2020, Teheran
Farid Ghadami is the translator of Nikola Vaptsarov's Motor Songs

Farid Ghadami (1985) is a writer, critic, university lecturer and translator from English into Persian. He was chosen as one of the best three Iranian literary translators in the last five years by popular vote, held by The Iranian Translators Association in 2018. Ghadami was also short-listed for the Mehregan Prize (2011) and Vaav Prize (2011, 2013) and was chosen as “The best story-writer” at the Iranian Students Literature Competition in 2002 and 2003. So far, he has written four novels and three literary criticisms and has over 30 translations of, amongst others, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Walt Whitman, William Butler Yeats, D.H. Lawrence, E. E. Cummings, and James Joyce.
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