Muharem Bazdulj (Serbia)
writer and journalist

Bio Note

Muharem Bazdulj (1977) is a Bosnia-born writer currently residing in Belgrade. His essays and short stories appeared in 20 languages. Three of his books are translated into English: The Second Book (2005), Byron and the Beauty (2016) and Transit, Comet, Eclipse (2018). Upon original publication, The Second Book won the leading literary prize for best book of short stories in Bosnia. Byron and the Beauty was selected by Eileen Battersby in Irish Times among 40 best books published in English in 2016. His novel Кукла от марципан is published in Bulgarian in Rusanka Ljapova’s translation by Ergo.

Bazdulj's work is featured in the anthologies Best European Fiction 2012  and The Wall in My Head. He is also a winner of three prestigious journalistic awards in Bosnia and Serbia. After 15 years in Sarajevo, he is currently living in Belgrade. 

Residency Goals

During his stay in Sofia Bazdulj will work on his book of essays on the Balkans discussing the positive human experiences in the Balkans rather than of refering to the pejorative connotations of the word Balkan. He will also explore local cultural and literary scene.