Pierre Astier and Laure Pécher (France)
Astier-Pécher International Literary & Film Agency
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Astier-Pécher International Literary & Film Agency is based in Paris (France) and has been founded in 2006. We are a 5-agents team : Pierre Astier and Laure Pécher (founders), Jérôme Bouchaud (Asia Office), Raphaël Thierry (Africa office) and Agathe Camus (Children Books and Comics). We represent 70 authors (half of them French-writing, the other half from Asia, Central Europe & Balkans, Africa and Latin America) and a few independent publishing houses. We sell first edition, translation and film rights of Fiction books (Literary, Suspense, Historical) and Non Fiction Books (Narrative Non Fiction, Essays, Human Sciences). Each year we attend a dozen Book Fairs and Festivals around the world. We participate in panel discussions related to book markets developments, Fiction & Non Fiction issues. We care a lot for the future of minority languages and freedom of speech.
Winner of the International Excellence Award of the London Book Fair in 2019.

The two founders of the Agency, Pierre Astier and Laure Pécher, join are short-term professional visits' programme to explore Bulgarian publishing and literary field and to talk at the Sofia International Literary Festival. 

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