Literature in the city
Literature and Translation House - Sofia
07.11.2019 17:00
A presentation and a conversation (in English) with Ana Marija Grbić on the "literary infrastructure" of Belgrade. Which are the most interesting organisations, initiatives, festivals, awards, periodicals. What is the relationship between the literary mainstream and the independent scene. What kind of support is available for literature and literary projects.

Ana Marija Grbić (Serbia) is a writer, radio journalist, editor and illustrator. In 2010 she founds the poetic organisation ARGH that runs poetic readings and other actions in Belgrade. A PhD student of Mihaylo Pantic and a mentor in creative writing.
Ana Marija is currently a writer-in-residence at the Sofia Literature and Translation House in cooperation with Traduki network.
the event is to be held in English
photo credit: ARGH

The event is part of the Cultural Calendar of Sofia Municipality for 2019

 Some pics from the meeting:

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