Textbook Rental Schemes

texts are edited version of presentations given at a conference held in Budapest in 1999, examining various models of textbook rental schemes in several countries.

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  • Julian Behrstock Books for all? Unesco's long love affair with the book
  • Pernille Askerud: Textbooks for developing economies: Why projects fail

Education for All 2000

The attached papers provide an overview of the state of textbook publishing in the countries of Central/Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. It is the first attempt to bring together a snapshot picture of what has happened over the last ten years and what still needs to be done in the next ten.
The texts were prepared for the Textbook & Learning Materials 1990 - 1999 section of the Education for All 2000 Project assessment commissioned by UNESCO/Danida Basic Learning Materials Initiative in 1999.

Hungarian laws related to textbooks (Hungarian/Russian)

  • on the evaluation and approval process of textbook in Hungary (Hungarian)
  • Publishing Legislation in various countries - Textbook related issues (English/Russian)