John Hitchin: Planning the Opening and Running of a Bookshop

Practical guide, which does not require prior knowledge of bookselling. Includes bibliography.
The author is the President of the European Booksellers Federation, address: 34A Rue de Grand Hospice, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium. Phone: (32 2) 223 4940, fax: (32 2) 223 4941, e-mail:

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Ed Marquand: Publication Design

Simple Suggestions for Publishers and Designers
The author is the director of Marquand Books, the arts publisher, in Seattle

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Lynette Owen: Buying & Selling Rights in Literary Works

A practical guide for publishers in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union
The author is the Rights & Contracts Director of Addison Wesley Longman Ltd in the UK and an experienced lecturer on copyright issues around the world.

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Versions of this handbook adapted to local copyright laws have been published in the following countries: Bulgaria, Kazakstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine. Copies of the Russian edition can be ordered from Aspekt Press (address: Plehanova 23, corp. 3, 111398 Moscow, phone: (7 095) 309-36-00, fax: (7 095 309-11-66) e-mail:


Brian Green: Bar Coding for Books

Includes sections on barcodes for books, ISBN, converting of EAN to ISBN.
The text was adapted to Eastern Europe, original version can be found at
Brian Green is the Managing Agent of Book Industry Communication

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The International Standard Book Number System ISBN User's Manual. International Edition International ISBN Agency, Berlin 1999

The following draft was discussed and approved by a working group of the International ISBN Agency Advisory Board. While there is a need for a new printed version of the ISBN Users' Manual (the third edition was published in 1986!) it seems advisable to make the document available on the Net first in order to allow time for additional corrections and amendments. The text can also be found at:

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