Istvan Bart: Publishers' Associations and the Book Trade

The Establishment, Operation and Function of Trade Organisations in the Advancement of the Publishing Industry
The author is the director of Corvina Publishers in Hungary and the President of the Hungarian Publishers' and Booksellers' Association.

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John Hitchin: European Union Legislation and Regulation as it Affects the Book Trade. Prospects for states seeking access to the EU.

The text attempts to summarize the ways in, which politicians and bureaucrats are legislating and regulating the commercial world and in particular that of bookselling. Written in February 1999.
The author is the President of the European Booksellers Federation 34A rue du Grand Hospice B - 1000 Brussels Belgium phone (32 2) 223 4940, fax (32 2) 223 4941, e-mail:

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Pernille Askerud: Textbooks for developing economies: Why projects fail

An independent consultant who has worked closely with UNESCO and other agencies dealing with textbook projects and the development of national publishing capacity in developing countries.
She is the author of "A Guide to Sustainable Book Provision" which is available from UNESCO Paris, copies should be requested from
msauliere@unesco.org or PernilleAskerud@compuserve.com

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Grzegorz Boguta: The Organisation of the Work and Activities of Publishing Associations

The text is based on the author's experience of running the Polish Chamber of Books in the years 1990-98 and also the seminars on Publishers Associations he conducted in Bratislava, Kiev, Almaty and Ulan Bator in 1999. The author is the president of Metapress Ltd. and a former CEO of PWN Publishers in Poland and a former chairman of the Polish Chamber of Books.

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