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Cultural Policy Translations and Publications

Call for applications
Friday 21 April 2006

Why: The Cultural Policy Education Group (CPEG) and Next Page Foundation are launching a translation scheme, motivated by shortages of up to date literature in cultural policy as well as by lack of related vocabulary in the targeted languages.

Who: Publishers from Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia and Montenegro are eligible to apply.

What: Next Page Foundation provides grants for translation and publication of certain titles, chosen by CPEG’s university-members in each of the above-mentioned countries.

How: The grants are intended to cover the investment risk and publishers are expected to recoup their own investment from sales. Publishers will be entirely responsible for the translation and publication activities, and are expected to market their books in their countries.

Target audience of the translations:
-  students and researchers in cultural policy and cultural management fields
-  experts and professionals in cultural policy and management, and related fields.

Our Local Partners: To achieve its goals, CPEG works closely with 6 universities located in Central and Eastern Europe. Therefore languages of translation will be these of the 6 university members of the CPEG: Bulgarian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, and Serbian.

The local universities are considered key actors in the entire publication process. Each partner - university has proposed a title for translation so that linkages with the curricula and direct inclusion of the translated book in university programmes are ensured. CPEG members will be active contributors to the translation process by writing prefaces to the books and/or participating in refinement of the translations into the local language.

CPEG is an initiative, launched by the European Cultural Foundation in 2004, which supports universities, lecturers, students, scholars, and cultural operators dealing with cultural policy issues and professional education.

The Translation Scheme is currently administrated by the South East European League (SEAL), based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Contact: Milena Deleva, tel/fax: +359 2 988 81 88

Next Page is a spin-off of Open Society Institute - Budapest, whose mission is to act as an intellectual catalyst and transmitter of ideas through support of translations and publication of quality books in transitional and developing countries.

Contact: Maria Velichkova, tel/fax: +359 2 986 65 12