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Issue 19 - November 2005

Thursday 24 November 2005

East Translates East – last competition results

The last round of the East Translates East grant competition for translation and publication of books in humanities and social sciences has just been wrapped up and we are ready to announce the results. The applications came from 18 publishers in 11 countries, proposing translation from 8 source languages amongst which Polish was the most popular.

The following projects were approved in consultation with our international expert committee:

  1. Yerofeyev, Victor: Good Stalin, translation from Russian into Armenian by Areg Publishers
  2. Kossarzecki, Krzysztof: Campaign of 1660 in Great Duchy of Lithuania, translation from Polish into Belarussian by Arche Journal
  3. Zupanic, Alenka: The Shortest Shadow, translation from English into Bulgarian by Litavra Publishers
  4. Tolstaya, Tatyana: Hither and Thither and Back, translation from Russian into Bulgarian by Panorama Publishers
  5. Klaic, Dragan: Excercises in Exile, translation from English into Croatian by Antibarbarus Publishers
  6. Sahanovic, Hienadz & Sybieka, Zachar: The History of Belorussia, translation from Belarusian into Czech by Lidove Noviny Publishers
  7. Kubis, Barbara: Historical Education and Present Time, translation from Polish into Ukrainian by KIS Publishers

During the previous ETE grant competition for fiction books in May this year many quality applications remained unapproved due to limited resources. They were reconsidered now, which led to the decision to support the following titles:

  1. Pavic, Milorad: The Inner Side of the Wind, translation from Serbian into Lithuanian by Lithuanian Writers Union Publishers
  2. Zabuzhko, Oksana: Sister Sister, translation from Ukrainian into Czech by Argo Publishers
  3. Gospodinov, Georgi: Other Stories, translation from Bulgarian into Polish by Oficyna 21
  4. Sakoljan, Marina: Kodlo: Experimental Researches, translation from Ukrainian into Russian by Idea-Press Publishers
  5. Anthology of Modern Ukrainian and Belarusian Poetry Zviazokrozryv/ Suviaz’razryu, bilingual edition in Ukrainian and Belarussian by Krytyka Publishers
  6. Racickas, Vitautas: Sleepers, translation from Lithuanian into Ukrainian by Thesis

Next Page Board meeting held in Belgrade

At the very end of October, during the busy Belgrade Book Fair, Next Page held its annual Governing Board meeting in Belgrade. For two intensive working days, the Board reviewed and evaluated the progress made on our multiple programs and made suggestions for the future. They will be reflected in the Next Page strategy for 2006 that will be made available on our web-site in the beginning of next year.
The meeting was hosted by the National Library of Serbia and its director Sreten Ugricic who will be leaving the Next Page Board. We are grateful to Sreten for his creative input during his mandate and we wish him success in his ongoing effort to turn the National Library into an open and creative space.

Next Page off-site reveals hidden team talents

(JPG) Just before the board meeting in Belgrade, the Next Page staff went on a 2-day retreat in the 19th century village of Leshten in Southern Bulgaria to prepare documents for the board meeting, brainstorm ideas and discuss the future strategy of the organization. Team building activities provided a respite from two days of intensive work and revealed that our Arabooks project coordinator Natasha Mullins is also very good in sports while Sofiya Zahova, Romani projects coordinator, cooks delicious meals.

New books published

(JPG) Krzysztof Varga, Tequila, transl. into Serbian by Zoran Deric (Vega Media, Serbia and Montenegro), supported by East Translates East 2005.

Tequila is a novel by the young Polish writer Krzystof Varga, one of the finalists for the prestigious literary award NIKE in 2002.
Through the young rockers, who are the main characters, the revolt of a whole urban generation, squeezed among the city walls, comes pouring out. This blend of hot and cold, of the modern and post-modern, of hi-fi syncopated atmosphere of jazz, rock and punk is interwoven with literature—from Frantz Kafka to Vladimir Nabokov: first as a fine example of alienation in one’s own city, the absurd pursuit of answers and justice, and second as a unique example of alienation in language, of bottling up inside it as a get-away door from reality, an intoxicating de-realisation of the world.
The novel is beautifully published in Serbian by Vega Media with a cover design that corresponds to its tone.