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East Translates East - Promotion grants

January 2005 by Maria Velichkova
Application deadlines - 15 May and 16 October 2005

East Translates East is a new program of Next Page Foundation started in 2004 and builds upon the achievements of the Open Society Institute East Translates East project, which to date has supported hundreds of book translations between languages of Eastern Europe.

In 2005 the program provides two types of funds: promotion grants to support promotion initiatives of East European translations within the country of translation and translation grants, which will cover part of the expenses related to the translation and publication of books originally published in one of the languages of the eligible countries.

It is often the case that high quality translations are actually being published but remain unnoticed by their potential reading audience. Sometimes it is because distributors are not interested in publications with a slow turnover, sometimes they remain on stock in the office of the donor who funded them, but more often than not publishers are simply short of cash or too overworked to bother about promotion. Book promotion is a very special kind of activity, which is a matter of common efforts of many institutions and organizations, not only of publishers and which gains even bigger importance in a contemporary world of fast flow of information and increased consumers’ choice.

What projects can apply?

-  Applicants and translations from/into the languages of the following countries are eligible to apply:

BelarusBosnia & HerzegovinaBulgaria
CroatiaCzech RepublicEstonia
Serbia & MontenegroSlovakiaSlovenia

-  Promotion projects for East-East translations of publishers, libraries, bookstores, media and other institutions from the eligible countries listed above. Priority will be given to long term projects of applicants with serious experience in book promotion and strong commitment to book sector in East European countries.

What kind of projects cannot apply?

Promotion projects for titles supported with a translation grant within this program cannot apply. Individual’s projects are also not acceptable.

Grants competition regulations:

-  All applications shall be mailed to
-  All applications shall include detailed information about the applicant titles/series to be promoted, promotion plans, strategies, activities, participants, expected results, and a detailed budget table.
-  Applicants should report all other subsidies and grants for the project, and the grant requested should reflect any such additional support;
-  Once a grant application is approved, Next Page foundation prepares a contract and mails it to the grantee.
-  Grant payments are denominated in US dollars and are made directly to the publisher’s bank account
-  A narrative and financial report for each grant is required upon completing the project.
-  The project implementation is expected to take place not later than 6 months after the receipt of the grant

-  Applications for each round shall be send within the above listed deadlines by e-mail to:

Next Page Foundation
Maria Velichkova, project coordinator
35, Ljuben Karavelov str.
1142 Sofia, Bulgaria
tel/fax: + 359 2/986 65 12

-  Publishers should report all other subsidies and grants for the project, and the grant requested should reflect any such additional support. Co-funding by other organizations is encouraged. Some of those supporting East - East trasnlations are listed here:

Czech Literary Fund
Translation Fund of the Hungarian Book Foundation
Hungarian Translators’ House Foundation
Polish Literary Fund
Slovak Literary Fund
Slovene Writers’ Association for Trubar Fund
Books from Lithuania