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Issue 12 — March 2005

March 2005

Creative Capital Conference, Amsterdam Holland, March 17-18

For two days Natasha Mullins attended the Creative Capital conference held in Amsterdam. The conference was hosted by Creative Commons (, an organization that promotes alternative models for the protection of intellectual and creative works. This event brought together over 300 people with an interest in intellectual property, information flows, technology, culture and creative industries. Attendees included Creative Commons representatives from all over Europe where volunteer grass-roots initiatives mean that over 30 countries either have completed or are in the process of translating, adapting and adopting Creative Commons licenses. The conference included presentations by leading experts in the field and public discussion surrounding the key issues, from which the Creative Commons representatives were charged with developing a public agenda with actionable items that would help promote the concept and acceptance of “some” as opposed to “all” rights reserved.

As a result of the conference, Next Page Foundation will partner with Creative Commons International (iCommons) to develop to implement an application for their “Developing Nation’s License”. This license allows authors (and other content developers) to protect their interests and work while allowing for certain pre-agreed uses of the work within developing nations. The action plan will be developed jointly over the next month but is expected to include 2 elements: a competition for translation of books (using the CC Developing Nation’s License for the copyrights) and development of a list of authors who have affixed the Creative Commons Developing Nation’s license to their prior or future works.

Please watch future issues of Page Back for developments on this exciting initiative.

Newly published books

(JPG) Sali Ibrahim, Romani Mythology, (Elite Community Center for Romani Culture, Sofia, 2005 ) supported by the Romani Publications project.

This collection of narrative poems offers a concept and a set of perceptions about the constellation of the Romani world. As emphasized by Ljatif Demir, member of the board of the International Romani Writers Association (IRWA) and author of the preface, the Mythology is the first attempt in the history of Romani literature to present some Romani oral narratives and myths via the prism of an author’s personality.

Sali Ibrahim is an acclaimed poet and editor of several publications dedicated to Romani culture in Bulgaria. She wrote the Romani Mythology in Romani, thus addressing it to an international Romani audience. Her deep belief is that common myths create a sense of unity.

The publication includes a small Romani-English-Bulgarian glossary and is expected to attract the interest of Roma intellectuals, historians, linguists, and literary scholars all over the world.

(JPG) Luan Starova, Czasy kóz (The Time of the Goats), (Oficyna 21, Warszawa, 2005), transl. into Polish by Dorota Jovanka Cirilic-Mentzel; supported by the East Translates East Publications Project

The novel by the Albanian-Macedonian writer Luan Starova The Time of the Goats (1993) is one of the most acclaimed Macedonian works from the last decade. It was translated into French, German, Croatian, Greek, Romanian and Bulgarian. Soon after its French publication it won the Jean Monet award in the selection for the Best European Novel. Because of its distinctive style and local colour, the novel attracted the attention of some French intellectuals, such as Edgar Morin and Alain Bosquet who wrote enthusiastic reviews about the book. The Time of the Goats is the first translation and publication from Macedonian, supported by Next Page foundation.