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Why Independent

Monday 30 July 2012

Повече информация за проекта е достъпна на български тук! / Detailed coverage of the project is available in Bulgarian here!

About the project:

To what extent in the new generation of the EU Structural Funds will there be place for culture and projects in the field of culture, and how to justify the role of culture in the social, economic and human development of the country? What is and what could be the place of the independent cultural organizations in the negotiation and cultural policy making at local, national and European level? What advocacy tools can we have as an independent cultural sector beyond the specific artistic and cultural projects that we implement?

These are part of the topics, covered in the Why Independent project, which aims to encourage and motivate the independent cultural organizations for more and better participation in the policy making process, for more partnership within the sector through experimenting with new instruments for communication and introduction of social design techniques.


-  Elaboration of 5 analytical report, which: will give overall perspective of the situation in the relevant sector (regional development, human resources, education, economics, rural development) ant its relation to culture; will provide arguments on the contribution of culture to the respective sector/objectives of OP; will give specific examples of projects already implemented in the relevant OP; will outline the possible issues, solutions and recommendations for the participation of 1) culture as a factor and 2) cultural organizations;

-  Awareness-raising among the cultural CSOs through a series of 5 workshops in the country, which will cover: a) presentation of and discussion on the analytical reports: new opportunities for promoting the role of culture in the new generation of the EU Structural Funds in the country, and b) new appropriate tools for advocacy in culture: presentation of selected and adapted new media and visualization of information, as well as communication tools for prompt distribution of information and consolidation for actions;

-  Creating of a new service mechanism to help informed reaction to public decisions and actions, including early warning instrument, consultations upon request and information provision;

-  Transfer of practices and experiences from advocacy at EU level in culture and from national level from other social fields.

A task force group was formed within the project, including so far the experts Yuriy Vulkovsky, Rozalina Laskova, Diana Andreeva, and Andrean Neshev.

If you want to join us, subscribe to the e-newsletter at, which covers as well news related to the project, or contact us at dyosifova [@]

WHY INDEPENDENT is a project of Next Page Foundation, supported by the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe, and is implemented in partnership with Culture Desk Foundation and A25 Cultural Foundation.