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Issue 13 — April 2005

April 2005

Competition results

East Translates East promotion grants

This year’s East Translates East has two clearly divided components: support for translation/publishing costs and support for promotion. While the competition for titles support is still open, the first one for 2005 for promotion grants has just been wrapped up.

The promotion grants fund, however, have not attracted substantial attention from publishers in Central and Eastern Europe, and there may be at least two explanations for that. First and foremost, this points to the continuing need for investments into basic publishing costs. At the same time it demonstrates that publishers still pay poor attention to post-production.

Although we have received many inquiries there were only a handful of applicants on the final list. Publishers, instead of presenting exciting and provocative ideas for book promotion to an open minded financial supporter such as Next Page, highly favored organizing promotional events, in most cases – an author’s visit. Here is the final list of approved projects:

  1. Calvaria Publishers/ Ukraine – Three “couples” of Ukrainian and Polish writers will talk about their writings in Lviv, Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk;
  2. Balkani Publishers/ Bulgaria – A series of 11 books from Balkan authors will be presented by prominent intellectuals in 5 major cities’ universities.
  3. Clio Publishers/ Serbia – A three-day visit of Marek Hendrykowski to present the Serbian translation of his book The Art of Short Film at the Belgrade Festival of Short Film
  4. Clio Publishers/ Serbia – Andrzej Stasiuk will visit Belgrade and Novi Sad to promote the Serbian translation of his famous book White Raven

We will tenaciously continue our “East Promotes East” call for proposals, including it in the two remaining competitions for translations support by the end of 2005. Dear publishers and booksellers, take up the challenge!

Arabooks Work Visit

Next Page’s 2005/06 plan includes activities aimed at addressing some of the fundamental deficits within publishing and translation of books in the Arab world. The challenges surrounding this issue have been largely publicized as a consequence of the Arab Human Development Report which cited short-comings in Arabic translation and publishing. It is in this context and after almost 2 years of pilot work in the region, that Next Page is now implementing initiatives that will make a concrete contribution to the volume and quality of books, documentation and availability of information, and understanding of readership.

For this project, Natasha Mullins, spent two weeks of April in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. The aim of this working visit was 1) to interview prospective partners for 9 national readership surveys 2) to discuss project collaboration with key individuals and organizations in this field 3) to inform publishers of our grant activities 4) to understand the work completed to date, key issues and recent developments. During the visit, over 40 meetings were conducted with publishers, associations, research agencies, government and private institutions, authors, intellectuals and others. The result was a short list of market research agencies, dissemination of the upcoming grant tenders, improved understanding of available documentation and information resources, clarification of key issues and procedures, and lastly, the exchange of new ideas, approaches and solutions.

If you would like additional information about our “Arabooks” activities, please contact Natasha Mullins at

Newly published books

(JPG) Yuri Lotman, Culture and Discontinuity, (“Language and Cultures”, Tbilisi 2005), transl. into Georgian by Gaga Lomidze, supported by East Translates East Publications Project.

The Georgian translation of Lotman’s influential book Culture and Discontinuity indicates that an ex-Soviet country (where Russian was the official language for almost a century) is now slowly entering a stage of cultural autonomy and stability. The very act of translating this most pivotal study on cultural continuity and discontinuity typifies the efforts of Georgian intellectuals to modify the Georgian language so it can retroactively accumulate decades of intensive critical thought.

(JPG) Jana Belisova, Zuzana Mojzisova (eds.), Phurikane Gilja – Old Romani Songs, (Oz Zudro Association, Bratislava, 2005), supported by the Romani Publications Project

Phurikane Gilja is the third volume of collections with old Romani songs from Slovakia published by the a team of young Romani music and culture researchers from the Comenius University in Bratislava. The collection is a result of 6 years of field trips during which the team visited 37 Romani settlements to collect ancient lament Romani songs and lyrics from everyday life and is a solid contribution to the development of a Romani-language ethnographic research culture. Apart from the ethnographic and musicology materials, the reader can review the authors’ diaries describing life in the settlements and how the songs are selected. The diaries offer a unique perspective of life in Romani settlements and are accompanied by black-and-white and color photographs of the singers.

Along with the CD with recordings of the collected songs, Oz Zudro Association is planning to distribute the book internationally via bookshops, e-bookstores, libraries, university departments of Romani Studies and research centers.

The full-text version of the book will be available soon in our Romani Library at

Staff changes at Next Page

Spring time is a time of changes... also at Next Page.

We regret to let you know that Hristina Marinova is leaving Next Page to start a new life in the city of New York. For the last two years she brought more than 100 publishing projects to a successful end and started the East Translates East competition. We will miss her commitment and diligence!

Hristina will stay with us for the whole of May to gradually transfer her duties to Maria Velichkova. Maria Velichkova comes to Next Page from the Internet Rights Foundation in Bulgaria to take over general office and grants management. As of 10th May she will be available at