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Issue 51 - October 2008

Tuesday 28 October 2008

A Soul for Europe in Belgrade

A Soul for Europe – the initiative that seeks to harness Europe’s cultural strengths, is very much on “Balkan” speed these days. After the Forum Skopje few months ago, the Forum Belgrade took place in early October as part of the series of events of A Soul for Europe.

Next Page director Yana Genova took part in the forum and in its panel on the role of civil society in the EU integration process. Other panels were focused on the culture of democracy, the links between business and culture and on how a cooperation between local, national, regional and European level may look like.

After the stunning opening speech of Adam Michnic, the conference brought together contributions from key European cultural activists such as Steve Austin, local and international politicians, cultural experts and a great number of Serbian cultural operators. More on the forum’s program and outcomes at

New publications

(JPG) Ulrike Hanna Meinhof and Anna Triandafyllidou, eds., Transcultural Europe. Cultural Policy in a Changing Europe, translation into Serbian by Djordje Krivokapic (Clio Publishing House, Belgrade 2008), supported by the Cultural Policies Translations Program

Based on extensive theoretical and empirical research, Transcultural Europe critically assesses the evolution of cultural policy and its development in the new Europe of increased mobility of people and new immigration. A substantial part of this collection of texts is dedicated to the question how this new condition in Europe changes (or does not change) cultural policies of European cities such as London, Rome, Paris and Berlin but also Vienna and Belgrade.

A unique feature of the collection first published by Palgrave Macmillan, and now available also in Serbian, are the contributions by East European/Balkan researchers that appear not as representative of certain local “peculiarities” but as equal participants in an ongoing debate about the Europe of today.

Reviews of this new translation into Serbian were broadcasted by several radio and TV stations in the country. The publication was largely promoted at cultural and academic events such as the Belgrade Book Fair and at debates on cultural policy in Serbia, organized throughout the country.

Promotion and Marketing for Broadcasting, Cable and the Web – available online in Bulgarian and Romanian

You are a student, journalist, media professional and would like to learn more about marketing and promotion in your field? Here is one of the key books on the topic, already available online in full text in Bulgarian and Romanian: and The translations of Promotion and Marketing for Broadcasting, Cable and the Web are now on the websites of the media centers in Sofia and Bucharest in order to make the text more accessible after the printed versions by Sluntse and Idea Design and Print have already been in circulation for a few years.

Both publications have been supported within the Media and Journalism Translation Project of Next Page Foundation, a program aiming to assist media professionals and journalism training efforts in Southeastern Europe and launched in cooperation with the OSI Media Program and the South East European Network for Professionalization of Media (SEENPM).