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Issue 50 - September 2008

Tuesday 30 September 2008

"comiXculture" workshop - call for submissions

Next Page has just announced a call for submissions for participation in the “comiXculture” workshop that will focus on storytelling and drawing skills for young comix creators.

Trainers will be the distinguished British comics writers John McCrea and Hunt Emerson. The workshop will take place between 9 – 12 November in the Center for Culture and Debate “The Red House”, Sofia. The deadline for submissions is 15th October.

The organization and the proceeding of the workshop is an essential part of the project “comiXculture” that aims to encourage intercultural dialogue and reflection on diversity issues among young people in Bulgaria.

For more information about the workshop and “comiXculture” project, please visit:

Why Do We Speak Like That project - first meeting of researchers

Over the last weekend (27-28th) Sofia hosted the first working meeting of our recent project on language transformations in the transition period that seeks to document and reflect upon the process of infiltration of new concepts into the public language of post-socialist societies (see more at:

The Bulgarian and Ukrainian researchers and project research mentors that took part in the meeting had the chance to discuss in detail the project’s key conceptual framework and methodology but also to present their individual research agendas. Discussion highlighted notable differences in the overall language situation in the two countries but also revealed indicative overlapping as to the clusters of concepts that researchers from both countries chose to analyze. These overlappings are related to notions such as "public" (and the related "public good", "public media", "public service", etc), to minority rights and cultural rights as well as to the broad spectrum of terms on European integration.

Research outcomes will be ready by early 2009 and published in English and German as well as into the languages of the countries of the project.

New books published

(JPG) Zerrin Kurtoglu, Political Horizon of Islamic Thought, translation from Turkish into Arabic by Mahrosa Publishers (Cairo - 2008), supported by the South - South Translation Grants Program

The basic claim of Zerrin Kurtoglu’s study is that both Islamic political philosophy and contemporary Islamic theology are deeply rooted in the Medieval Islamic thought. Nevertheless the texts of Koran are respected as a fundamental source for interpreting certain aspects of the contemporary political arena, Kurtoglu shifts the focus to the clear political dimension of the relation between religion and philosophy in the Medieval Islamic world. In his analysis, the author untwines the intricate threads of a tradition, which annihilates the autonomy of politics, merges moral and political reason, and eventually results in a strong bond between religion and state.