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September 2017: Прессъобщение: Първи каталог с арабски преводи на съвременни автори от България и Балканите
June 2017: Прессъобщение: Разкази на Георги Господинов и Миглена Николчина в превод на арабски
May 2017: Прессъобщение: Софийски форум за превода събира професионалисти от над 10 държави
May 2017: Press Release: Translation Collider Forum will gather professionals from over 10 countries
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Translating Current Debates Program

supported projects
Friday 29 August 2008

The Translating Current Debates Program aimed at making available translations of contemporary titles in social sciences and humanities for the academic and wider audiences in Central and Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union. The program was a smaller-scale continuation of Translation Project focused exclusevely on contemporary books on issues related to the priorities of the Open Society Network. Topics included but were not limited to: information society, globalization, democracy, human rights, public policy, minorities issues, etc.

Supported projects:

-  Buruma, Ian, Margalit, Avishai: Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies, translation into Bulgarian by Kralica Mab

-  Raymond Detrez, Kosovo: The Postponed War, translation into Bulgarian by Kralica Mab

-  OECD book: Citizens as Partners, translation into Croatian by Oxymoron

-  Consolidating the 3rd Wave Democracies, translation into Romanian by Romanian Academic Society

-  Diego Valades: Control on Power, translation into Russian by Idea Press

-  Lawrence Lessig: Free Culture, translation into Russian by Ars Pragmatika

-  Michael Brown: Who Owns Native Culture, translation into Russian by Ars Pragmatika

-  Gil Anidjar: The Jew, the Arabs. A History of an Enemy, translation into Serbian by Belgrade Circle