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East Translates East

Translation grants for periodicals

Thursday 15 February 2007 by Maria Velichkova

Competition held in 2006

East Translates East program of Next Page Foundation carried out a competition for translation grants for cultural periodicals. The grants cover translation costs of texts, originally written in one of the languages of Central and Eastern Europe, which are to be published in cultural journals in other countries in the region.

The core of the East Translates East program is the belief that sharing literary and intellectual achievements within Central and Eastern Europe is crucual to the region’s development. Cultural journals are seen as a medium that can sustain such exchange and that can most promptly react and reflect upon cultural changes and new social and political tendencies.

Supported projects

-   Fakel magazine - Bulgaria, translations to be published in the rubric Clash of Civilizations in the 4 issues in 2007,

-   Literary Newspaper - Bulgaria, translation to be published in 10 issues in 2007,

-   Margina magazine - Macedonia, translation of Balkan texts to be published in 4 issues in 2007,

-   Romboid magazine - Slovakia, translation of Balkan texts to be published in a special double issue,

-   Apokalipsa magazine - Slovenia, translation of Balkan texts to be published in issues in 2007,

-   Potyah 76, online journal - Ukraine, translation of Balkan texts to be published online in a special Balkan issue, Potyah 76

-  joint project of Genero & Identities journals, Serbia and Macedonia, translation of Balkan texts to be published online on the websites of the journals - and

-  joint Diagnosing the Present project - of Eurozine and CEE Partners - Critique & Humanism (Bulgaria), Kulturos Barai (Lithuania), Kritika and Kontext (Slovakia) - mirror publications in special issues of the journals; all the publications could be read on Eurozine - in Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Slovak and also in English.