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Issue 32 - January 2007

Friday 26 January 2007 by Maria Velichkova

New books published

(JPG) Konstantin Vaginov, Harpagoniada (On the Search of the Song of the Nightingale), translation into Albanian by Afrim Koci (Koci publishers, Tirana 2006), supported by East Translates East program

This is a pioneering publication for the field of the Albanian literary translation. While the classical works of Russian 19th century literature are very well presented and warmly accepted, the so called Silver age is almost unknown. Konstantin Vaginov’s incomplete fourth novel Harpagoniada is an exemplary work for the avant-garde and absurdist group OBERIU (chiefly known through the work of Daniil Kharms). Through this publication the reading audiences in Albania will gain the access to a pivotal period in Russian culture, which has been forbidden for decades of Socialist regime.

(JPG) Oksana Zabuzhko, Sister, Sister, translation into Czech by Rita Kindlerova (Argo publishers, Prague 2006), supported by East Translates East program

This is a collection of seven short stories by the renowned Ukrainian poet, writer and journalist Oksana Zabushko, whose works are already well translated abroad. The collection explores the world through the eyes of woman – wife, mother, sister, friend, etc. Similarly to Joyce’s “Dubliners”, Zabushko’s book follows the different stages of life – from early childhood to maturity and old age. Sister, Sister, as well as her previous works, strikes with the ‘filigree’ language, and with the typical for Zabushko’s writing cohesion of myth and music.

(JPG) Ayfer Tunc, Mom and dad shall pay you a visit at your convenience, translation into Arabic by Abdulkader Abdelli (Cadmus Press, Damascus 2007), supported by South-South translation grants program

Ayfer Tunc is one of the most famous contemporary Turkish women writers for the last decade. Oscillating in its genre definition, her work Mom and dad shall pay you a visit at your convenience documents the turbulent 1970’s – a crucial moment for the socio-political development of Turkey. Besides, the novel provides a gender perspective towards the societal ‘picture’ of the period, hence it formulates some burning questions for the new generations of women in the country. It is not chance that the publisher has decided to include this title into the Women’s literature series, which is a new project for Cadmus press.